Anti-Racism Resources

Debate Mate is committed to championing anti-racism. We will support teachers and students in facilitating conversations about racism with resources, training and bespoke sessions throughout the year.

This page will be updated with more resources in the next weeks bespoke to different aged students so make sure to check in regularly!

#AdeAsks | Is the UK Institutionally Racist?

#AdeAsks is an interactive video series, hosted on Instagram and YouTube, in which we break down stories in the news and explore where there is a debate.

This week Aderonke has been looking back on the impact of George Floyd and asking how far has the UK come since the tragic killing of Stephen Lawrence and the 1999 Macpherson Report?

Lesson Plans

‘Facilitating Healthy Discussion and Safeguarding Students during Sensitive Conversations’

KS3, KS4, KS5: “Facilitating Conversations on Racism in the wake of Black Lives Matter May-June 2020” (2 Hours)

Motions Bank

NEW Motion Fact Sheet: “This House Supports the celebration of Black History Month.” 

Race-related motions

Motion Fact Sheet: “This House Believes the UK should return historical artifacts to their country of origin.” 

Motion Fact Sheet: “This House Would enforce quotas for BAME individuals on company boards.”

Motion Fact Sheet: “This House Believes That Protests Are An Effective Way To Achieve Change.”

Resources for Students

Black Lives Matter Resources Pack

Further resources and who to follow

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The Black Curriculum

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust