Secondary Urban Debate League 2024 – Round 1 Results!

The current league standings after the first round of our Secondary UDL 2024

Round 1 of the Secondary Urban Debate League 2024 is now concluded and we’ve seen some of the highest scores ever coming in from across the country!

You can also find a further breakdown of the top-scoring schools from each region. The standings are incredibly close so it’s all to play for in Round 2!

National Secondary Core

1City of London Academy Highbury Grove
2City of London Academy Highbury Fields
2Sarah Bonnell School
4Grey Coat Hospital School
5Forest Gate Community School
6Central Foundation Boys School
6Co-op Academy Manchester
8Barking Abbey
9The Hurlingham Academy
9Oasis Academy Oldham
11Mulberry Academy Woodside
12Northwood School
12St Angela’s Ursuline School
14Trinity CofE High School
15Holly Lodge High School
16Cardinal Heenan
16London Academy
18The John Roan School
18Eden Boys Leadership Academy
20Hornsey School for Girls
21Ellesmere Park High School
22Bishop Douglas
22St Claudines Catholic School for Girls
22St Peter’s High School
25Mulberry Accademy Shoreditch
25Bristnall Hall Academy
27St Mathew’s Academy
28Sydenham School
29George Dixon Academy
29Sacred Heart Catholic School
31Alsop High School
31Bellerive FCJ Catholic School
31Kingsford Community
34Dormers Wells High School
34Maghull High School
34Dixons Fazakerly
37The Academy of St Francis of Assisi
38Harris Girls Academy East Dulwhich
38St Paul’s Catholic High School
40Shireland Collegiate Academy
41Greig City Academy
42Lammas School and Sixth Form
43Plashet School
43Notre Dame RC Girls Schools
45Newman RC College
46La Retraite RC Girls Schools
47Halewoood Academy
47Stratford School Academy
49St George’s Catholic School
50Eltham Hill
51Hornchurch High School
52Ark Acton Academy
52Ark Greenwhich Free School
52Harris Academy St John’s Wood
52Burnage Academy for Boys
56Oasis Academy Leesbrook
57West Derby High School
58Langdon Academy
59Riverside School
60Deptford Green
60Harris Science Academy
60Our Lady’s RC High School
63The Bridge Academy
63Kingsbury High School
65Joseph Leckie Academy
66Harris Academy Boys East Dulwich
67MEA Central
68Sedgehill Academy
69St Thomas the Apostle
70Bonus Pastor Catholic College
71Lister Community School
72Sydney Russell School
73Holly Lodge Girls College

National Novice Core

London Secondary Core

1Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School
2The Mosslands School
3Sarah Bonnell School
4Trinity CofE High School
5Hornsey School for Girls
6The Norwood School
7Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School
8Ellesmere Park High School
8St Mathew’s Academy
10Newman RC College
11Co-op Academy North
11St Gregory’s Science College
13Bishop Douglass School
14Notre Dame RC Girls School
15Hornchurch High School
15St George’s Catholic School
17Sacred Heart Catholic School
18London Academy
19Alec Reed Academy
19Langdon Academy
21Parliament Hill
22Greig City
23Central Foundation Girls School
24Eltham Hill
25Central Foundation Boys School
25Sydenham School
28Dixons Fazakerly
29Villiers High School
30St Angela’s Ursuline School
30St Peter’s High School
32Stratford School Academy
33The John Roan School
33Ark Greenwich Free School
33Northwood School
36Lammas School and Sixth
37Barking Abbey
38Harris Academy Clapham
38Shireland Collegiate Academy
38West Derby School
41Lister Community School
42The Hathershaw College
43St Paul’s Way Trust
44St Claudine’s Catholic School for Girls
45George Dixon Academy
46Oasis Academy Oldham
47Riverside School
48Harris Academy Battersea
1City of London Academy Highbury Grove
2City of London Academy Highbury Fields
2Sarah Bonnell School
3Grey Coat Hospital School
4Forest Gate Community School
5Central Foundation Boys School
6Barking Abbey
7The Hurlingham Academy
8Mulberry Academy Woodside
9Northwood School
9St Angela’s Ursuline School
10London Academy
11The John Roan School
12Hornsey School for Girls
13Bishop Douglas
13St Claudines Catholic School for Girls
14Mulberry Accademy Shoreditch
15St Mathew’s Academy
16Sydenham School
17Sacred Heart Catholic School
18Kingsford Community
19Dormers Wells High School
20Harris Girls Academy East Dulwhich
21Greig City Academy
22Lammas School and Sixth Form
23Plashet School
23Notre Dame RC Girls Schools
24La Retraite RC Girls Schools
25Stratford School Academy
26St George’s Catholic School
27Eltham Hill
28Hornchurch High School
29Ark Acton Academy
29Ark Greenwhich Free School
29Harris Academy St John’s Wood
30Langdon Academy
31Riverside School
32Deptford Green
32Harris Science Academy
33The Bridge Academy
33Kingsbury High School
34Harris Academy Boys East Dulwhich
35Sedgehill Academy
36St Thomas the Apostle
37Bonus Pastor Catholic College
38Lister Community School
39Sydney Russell School

Liverpool Secondary Core

1Cardinal Heenan
2Alsop High School
2Bellerive FCJ Catholic School
3Maghull High School
3Dixons Fazakerly
4The Academy of St Francis of Assisi
5Halewoood Academy
6West Derby High School
7Holly Lodge Girls College

Manchester Secondary Core

1Co-op Academy Manchester
2Oasis Academy Oldham
3Trinity CofE High School
4Eden Boys Leadership Academy
5Ellesmere Park High School
6St Peter’s High School
7St Paul’s Catholic High School
8Newman RC College
9Burnage Academy for Boys
10Oasis Academy Leesbrook
11Our Lady’s RC High School
12MEA Central

West Midlands Secondary Core

1Holly Lodge High School
2Bristnall Hall Academy
3George Dixon Academy
4Shireland Collegiate Academy
5Joseph Leckie Academy