Secondary Debate Mate Cup Results!

Congratulations to all schools who participated in the Secondary Debate Mate Cup 2021! This was the first time that we held our national competition online with schools from across London, Manchester, Bristol, the West Midlands, and Liverpool competing against one another!

This competition saw some of the highest scores ever coming in from across the country!

Published below are the top scoring 50% of schools from each region.

Schools in bold are invited to attend the Debate Mate Cup x RSPCA Grand Final taking place on Thursday, the 17th of June.

We are currently only inviting the top 17 schools from the leaderboard below, as we will be holding a catch-up DMC on Tuesday, the 8th of June. The 18th place is being reserved for the top-scoring school from this final DMC, so it is all to play for!

London Secondary Core

  1. Sarah Bonnell
  2. Ark Acton
  3. Grey Coat
  4. Sydenham
  5. Little Ilford
  6. Brampton Manor
  7. Sydney Russell
  8. Chelsea Academy
  9. Cumberland School
  10. Lister Community School
  11. Alec Reed
  12. St Mathew Academy
  13. Bridge Academy
  14. Eltham Hill
  15. Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich
  16. Cardinal Pole Catholic
  17. Central Foundation Girls
  18. UAE Southbank

Manchester Secondary Core

  1. Trinity C of E High School
  2. MEA Central
  3. Oasis MediaCity
  4. Newman RC
  5. Ellesmere Park High School

Liverpool Secondary Core

  1. St Francis Assisi
  2. Alsop
  3. St Julie’s Catholic High School
  4. Fazakerley High School
  5. Prescot School

West Midlands Secondary Core

  1. Shireland College Academy
  2. Harborne Academy
  3. Cardinal Wiseman

Bristol Secondary Core

  1. CST Trinity Academy