Primary UDL Round Results!

Congratulations to all who participated in Rounds 1 and 2 of the Primary Urban Debate League 2021! This was the first time that we held our national competition online with schools from across London and Manchester competing against one another!

Below are the top-scoring 50% of schools in the final league table, based on their scores from both rounds of the PUDL. You can also find a further breakdown of the top-scoring schools from each region also!

The top 12 teams from the National Primary Urban Debate League will be invited to their respective Grand Finals Day taking place on the 1st of July in partnership with NOW Pensions.

IMPORTANT: There are several schools that still need to participate in a round of the Urban Debate League competition, which we have labelled with R1/R2 Pending in brackets after the school name. If a school has only competed in one round this year, we have doubled their score to rank them against schools that have taken part in both rounds. As some schools will be taking part in the catch-up PUDL, the current league table is subject to change and will be updated on the 11th of June following the catch-up rounds. 

Overall Primary Urban Debate League Top Schools

  1. Armitage CE Primary
  2. John Scurr Primary School
  3. Rushmore Primary School
  4. Cyril Jackson Primary School
  5. Ryefield Primary School
  6. Plymouth Grove Primary School
  7. Upton Cross Primary School
  8. Globe Primary School
  9. Lordship Lane Primary School
  10. Curwen Primary School
  11. Elmhurst Primary
  12. Tidemill Academy
  13. Parochial Primary School
  14. Rotherhithe Primary School

London Primary Top Schools

  1. John Scurr Primary School
  2. Rushmore Primary School
  3. Cyril Jackson Primary School
  4. Ryefield Primary School
  5. Upton Cross Primary School
  6. Globe Primary School
  7. Lordship Lane Primary School
  8. Curwen Primary School
  9. Elmhurst Primary
  10. Tidemill Academy

Manchester Primary Top Schools

  1. Armitage Primary School
  2. Plymouth Grove Primary School
  3. Parochial Primary School
  4. St Luke’s CE Primary School