Remembering Firdaws Hashim

06 Oct 2017

“We have so much and we’re so fortunate to have it, and we all have it, and we’re lucky to, so why shouldn’t others”

Firdaws Hashim, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 20th April 2017

The humility contained in the one simple sentence above should be an example to us all.

Firdaws Hashim was an inspiring young woman who we had the pleasure of working with as part of the Debate Mate programme. Beautiful in mind, beautiful in heart and beautiful in spirit. A young woman mature beyond her twelve years that led without being asked to, that educated others, that brought wisdom and grace to everything she was part of. A young woman that embodied everything that those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire had the potential to achieve, but that is so often, and tragically, hidden from our collective consciousness.

Firdaws had an energy and an effervescence that brought humour, care, love and compassion to everything she touched. She was a teacher rather than student, who took responsibility for those around her. She gave hope to people twice her age, whether her Debate Mate mentor, Solidarity Sports teammates, Kensington Aldridge Academy teachers or best friends.

Today, as Firdaws and her family are buried, we must, all of us, in Firdaws’ words “raise the bar”.

We must commit to seeking out talented young people, wherever they may be. We must help those who don’t have what we have. We must find our shared humanity and celebrate it. We must learn from Firdaws and live the love she showed.

Rest in peace Firdaws, Yahya, Yaqub, Hashim and Nura.

“It’s unrealistic to think that poverty is just going to disappear… but as Bill Gates said, we have to raise the bar”.

Firdaws, we promise we will.

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