AdeAsks How does Tax work?

We received submissions from students up and down the country for our recent AdeAsks competition, and thank you to Michael from Manchester for his question: how does tax work?

This year we have been asking students on the Debate Mate Programme to tell us what they want Ade to explore in the AdeAsks series. So far it’s been Ade doing the talking, but now it’s time to hear from the next generation, our students! We are asking students to submit videos suggesting topics for Ade to explore in the AdeAsks series, and we will be sharing topics that we want to hear our student’s opinion on, for them to feature as the new faces of the Debate Mate TV Channel.

Send us videos via Instagram and we’ll feature them on our channels, instructions will be included on our Insta page so remember to check it out. We’ll even be offering prizes for contributions, and inviting our top contributors to special events at the end of the year. Our mission is to tackle challenging and important topics in the news, and use the power of the Debate Mate programme to make these issues relevant and accessible to young people all over the world.

Thank you to Michael from Manchester, for suggesting that Ade Asks: how does tax work? Tax is a big part of lives, and it’s important that GenerationDM understand it!

It’s such an important and complex issue, which Ade has broken down in the video below.

We are going to be taking suggestions from students all year, so please send us your ideas through our Instagram page and we’ll aim to get another one out soon!