Debate Mate Newsletter | Spring 2020

A spring update with some of the most exciting developments from the Debate Mate team


We kicked off our 2019-20 programme year with six new members of staff joining us to help deliver our programmes to 239 schools across the UK, in London, Manchester, the West Midlands, Bristol, and Liverpool.

We continued our Accelerate Programme in 39 schools, an intervention programme designed to help students with behavioural, social, or academic challenges re-engage in education and build communication skills.

Additionally, we have expanded our Debate Mate Plus (DM+) programme to 13 schools in London. DM+ is an extension of the Core Programme which is aimed at students in years 11 and up, focusing on higher education and employability…(Read More)


Since September 2019, the business side of our social business has gone from strength to strength. Beyond working directly with companies to enhance their own capabilities, we are continuing to pioneer our unique Boardroom to Classroom programmes which combines communication and leadership training for professionals with our work in schools…(Read More)


Across all platforms, from TV, to social media, to bus stops, children and young people are surrounded by cues to consume unhealthy food. Research from Bite Back 2030 found 70% of children are significantly influenced by marketing and advertising to buy new products and that is why this year, we are partnering with them to launch a national conversation…(Read More)


Debate Mate aims to empower confident young people to use their voice to advocate for themselves and their communities. Muhammad Ali embodies this sentiment; he was not only a disciplined fighter in the ring, but also a skilled wordsmith who was able to defeat his opponents verbally, alert a generation to the social injustices of his time and charm nations around the world into calling him their champion.

We work to build our students’ confidence to voice their opinions and to stand up to challenges they face. Hence, in February we launched our successful DebateBox programme, delivered in conjunction with the Harrow Club. Our curriculum focuses on the parallels between debating and boxing: learning to debate rather than simply argue and to box rather than fight…(Read More)


Alongside the Core Programme, Debate Mate works with a number of schools, charities, universities and youth organisations to deliver bespoke skills-building programmes for young people across the UK. In addition, the Education UK arm of Debate Mate equips teachers and youth facilitators with the practical skills and tools required to improve attainment, increase engagement and create a more positive school culture through the use of our unique methodology…(Read More)


This year the Graduate School has built upon the strong foundations left by its previous coordinator (George Benson) with some outstanding results! The programme has been attended by 69 unique students from target schools, a near-record for the Graduate School. Even more impressive is the fact that the vast majority of the 2019-20 cohort are under the age of 16, a testament to the accessibility of the programme, and a sure sign of the growth and development of the programme in the future…(Read More)