Additional programmes

Graduate School

Programme Aims

  • Take students that have flourished on the core programme and provide them with further training to become elite debaters, social leaders and future professionals
  • Encourage students to reach out to their local communities and hold public debates, as well as start their own debating clubs at local primary and secondary schools

Programme Delivery

  • Every Saturday morning, graduates participate in a three hour session, which includes debating classes with world champion debaters and skill sessions with experts from the corporate world. 
  • With the support of experienced mentors, graduates go on to form their own debating clubs and host public speaking events in their communities.


  • Graduates compete in debates at the highest level, attending schools competitions in the British Parliamentary format.
  • Graduates will take initiative and start their own debating programmes to impact their local communities.
  • Graduates will have a number of key transferable skills that they can take into their chosen professional environment.

Accelerate (Formerly Re-Engagement) Programme

Programme Aims

  • Give disengaged students a disposition towards learning using Debate Mate’s verbal learning process and peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Foster confidence and desire to participate in classroom discussion

Programme Delivery

  • The re-engagement programme is tailored towards students who have more serious academic and behavioural problems.
  •  The clubs are run during school hours (sometimes as enrichment classes) to retain student attendance and are led by mentors and programme directors with additional behavioural management training.
  •  The clubs runs parallel to the Core Programme following a similar syllabus and access to the same competitions.


  • 100% of students said that their ability to work in a team increased.
  • 100% of students said their ability to combine different arguments improved.
  • 70% of students said they became more engaged in the classroom.

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